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Hi! My name is Gracie Chavez, I’m 25 years old, and I have 22q11.2 Deletion. Also, I have 5 siblings and I'm the youngest. I’m a dog mom and an aunt. I own a floral business, and I need to mention I'm a Lego lover!

I became an intern because I started a blog and decided to post about my story and share what 22q is. Throughout that first month of sharing my story, the foundation saw how hard I was committed to working for them. I began by being a volunteer with my blog. After that, I got an email from them asking if I would join them by being a team member and being their “Young Adult Support intern”. The goal was to help them get more young adults involved. To be honest that wasn't my goal at all, I just wanted to share awareness and my story. I felt like things were just all falling into place and working according to God's plan. Being an intern is not easy! It means helping the foundation with events, work trips, emails, and just being part of the team. As an intern, I’ve felt that I also need to be a role model to the 22q community. I couldn't be more thankful for this foundation. This foundation has given me amazing opportunities. I couldn't thank the foundation and Lindsey enough.

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LOVE the blogs, please keep them going! To see a young adult with 22q finding her way is inspirational for us moms with kids the same age. Reminded me that the ‘traditional path’ is not the ‘perfect path’. Thank you, Grace!

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