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Private consulting services are now provided for school aged children diagnosed with 22q11.2 Deletion Syndrome.  The 22q Education Station program was created to help parents and educators better meet the learning needs of students with the 22q11.2 Deletion Syndrome.  Children and young adults with the 22q11.2 deletion often have very complicated learning profiles and most need carefully crafted educational programs to be successful.  The 22q Education Station is designed to foster a collaborative working relationship between families and schools to provide a framework by which informed educational decisions can be made that are supported by scientific research in the area of students with 22q11.2 deletion.

22Q Education Station Consulting Services 

Service may include one or more of the follow resources;

  1. Brief intake call  to understand your childs current educational needs.
  2. Parent Coaching Call/Calls {How to speak the same language as education professionals} 
  3. Review of existing IEPs
  4. Recommendations for IEP modifications {based on scientific research in the area of students with 22q11.2 DS}
  5. Recommendation of educational test for students with the 22q11.2 Deletion
  6. Assistance with programming and approaches to learning
  7. Reviewing the appropriateness of student placement options 
  8. Student Reccomendation Report (SRR) Condensed report for your child's teachers/IEP team, based on your child and 22q specific needs
  9. Advocate attendance (via Skype/Conf. Call) at your child's IEP meeting
  10. Goal setting and measuring student progress
  11. Transition planning to assist with independent living

Please be sure to complete the application form as thoroughly as you are able and upload any collateral materials that you can provide.  The more information you provide will make it possible to best utilize the limited time that will be available for each family and will help us to ensure we can impact as many families as possible.


Thank you for your interest in the 22Q Education Station!  An education advocate will be in touch within the next 7 business days to further assess your child's needs.


Please keep this contact information for your records.
Donna Cutler-Landsman Phone: 608-712-9141
Email: cutlerlandsman@gmail.com


22Q Education Station was created and funded by The Dempster Family Foundation and continued by The 22q Family Foundation through generous donations from families and the community.  It is offered through a collaboration with Cutler-Landsman Consulting and The 22q Family Foundation.  Services will be offered on a first come first served and severity of needs basis.  We anticipate a great deal of interest in these services and you may well experience wait times.






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