How You Can Help During November Awareness Month

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22q Awareness Month is kicking off November 1st and we need your help!

We want to raise $90,000 to help continue all of our services that directly impact 22q families.  Join us as we embark on our Worldwide AwERAness Tour to spread the word around the globe about 22q. I don't know about you, but I am feeling everyone needs to know about 22q. We are counting on YOU to help our wildest dreams come true, so get loud and active at work, in your community, at your school, and on social media all month long. It's also our biggest fundraising month of the year, so let everyone know we have a blank space just waiting for them to write their name. This year we have some exciting things to help you get involved!  Please see details below.

Learn More about Our Campaign, Our Impact, and Donate Here.


1. Share your own story by completing this form.  We will choose various families to feature on our social media platforms and website during the month of November. 

You can also share on social media (FB, Instagram, Twitter) and make sure to tag us (FB/Twitter: @22qfamily, Insta: @22qfamilyfoundation) to help us grow our follower base and reach.  We want the world to know about 22q, so shout it to the rooftops!  Get loud and proud on social media.  Please use ALL of these hashtags when posting: #22q #22qfamily #22q11 #22qaware #rockyourq. For this month, also use #TaylorSwift #TaylorNation #TSTheErasTour to hopefully gain traction with all the Swifties out there!

2. Reach out to educators or local newspapers to help get everyone #22qaware.  Thank you to Karen Heilers in KY for sharing these letters as references for other families to get out there and raise awareness!  View educator letter: or letter to editor.  

3. Send an email to friends, family, medical and other health care professionals, teachers and parents of your 22q student with ways they can help!  

2. Reach out to your employer and ask if they offer matching donations for a charity of your choice.  Use this opportunity as a teachable moment to share with your colleagues and employer about 22q.  Download this editable letter to help you easily reach out today!  Or ask them if they would be willing to SPONSOR A DAY IN NOVEMBER.

3. Request 10 mini-awareness pamphlets to spread the word about 22q when you are out on the go!  

4. Purchase Some 22q Apparel from our 22q Store.  You are a walking billboard!  70% of all profits of your purchase go back to support The 22q Familly Foundation.  SHOP HERE-NEW DESIGN ALERT!!!

4. Help us spread the word by liking and sharing ALL of social media posts. Helpl us EXPAND our REACH!



1. Ask your employer if they have an employee gift program like Benevity or Yourcause.  We are a 501c(3) and are eligible to receive donations and our EIN#47-5675819.

2. Donate the remaining balance on your VISA gift cards.  Every little bit counts.  

3. Purchase Some 22q Apparel from our 22q Store.  70% of all profits of your purchase go back to support The 22q Familly Foundation.  SHOP HERE-NEW DESIGN ALERT!!

4. Become a recurring donor in November and be entered to win a raffle prize. Help us continue to provide services all year long and you'll be entered to win customized 22q Family Foundation Jordan 1 Lows and a pair of branded 22qFF socks, designed by an adult in our 22q community (Peter Mason).

5. Create a fundraiser and be entered to win a Raffle Prize: on Facebook.  Every little bit helps us keep our doors open and keeps our educational resources free to 22q families in need.  If you create a fundraiser or are a donor for the week, you'll be entered into our weekly raffle giveaway.  You can also now make fundraisers on Instagram.  If you need more help with setting one up, reach out to

Prizes include:

-Week 1 (November 1-5): A 22qFF Rock Your Q candle.

-Week 2 (November 6-12): An 22qFF Rock Your Q coffee mug. 

-Week 3 (November 13-19): A choice of any 22q Family branded tee 

-Week 4 (November 20-26): A pair of 22q Family branded socks 

-Week 5 (November 27-30): A 22qFF ornament.

(Please keep in mind our mailing address has been updated: The 22q Family Foundation  P.O. Box 643 Erie, CO 80516)

Let's make this the best 22q Awareness Month to date!

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