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Did you know I’m a floral designer and have my own, small, at-home business? Well, now you do. I think it's kind of funny when I get asked if this is something I knew I would want to do when I was growing up. The answer is always no. I always thought I would be a cosmetologist! It started back in high school during my freshman year. I loved the idea of how fun it would be working on hair, makeup, and nails. I even got to shadow a friend of ours who owns a salon in my small town. After that, I thought I would love it forever. Where I live, there's a school that is a vocational school where we can get a jump start on our careers. But you can only start this school in 10th grade. I was lucky enough that I got to be part of that “ jump start program”. When I got to the vocational high school we had to pick three careers we wanted to see and possibly do. I picked cosmetology, floral design, and cooking. We got to work in each program for a day and do a tour. That’s when I realized I didn’t love cosmetology as much as I thought.

I ended up enjoying floral design way more. What I loved about it was the environment, beauty, and of course, the teachers were just amazing. I knew that was the right place for me. I told my family when I got home how much I liked the floral program, and they were all supportive. After getting accepted into the school and program, I knew that this was my passion. I spent two years in the floral design program. In this specialized class, we had to learn about greenhouses and landscaping as well as floral design. Admittedly, the greenhouse and landscaping weren't my favorite things to do, but I learned a lot of valuable information nonetheless. What I truly loved, was the floral design part. During, as well as after the program, I did get some job offers. During the summer, I did this “internship” program where I got to work at a big floral shop in our city. And got hired right after I graduated high school. I like working there it was my favorite job I ever had. But it was becoming too much for so I decided to quit and do it myself.

Now, I like doing arrangements for weddings, corsages and boutineers for homecomings, and arrangements and designs for special events. I love working on my own because I can take my time and not rush, or if I get frustrated, I can take a break. I also get to choose what events or orders I want to do. I love that I have the help and support of family and friends. Also, I just want to say that any 22qties, or anyone with a disability, can still choose to work a 9-5 job, but it was just better this way for me!

Always, chase your dreams!

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