Blog 5- My Accomplishments

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In life, there are many accomplishments that we want to check off our list as we grow. That could be anything from school, medical obstacles, conquering fears, or compelting something personal. Those of us with disabilities I feel are even more concerned about the things that we want to achieve and the goals we want to accomplish for our lives, because we fear we may never be able to do them.


I know some may think that fear is a bad thing, but when we face our fears and talk about them, it gives us strength to overcome them and allows us to take back the power in our lives. My fear was sharing my disability with others. I used to always hide it away and never talk to anyone about my struggles and differences. Mostly, it was just my family that I felt comfortable sharing this information with. Often, I would simplify my disability with my friends in school, and just say that I had heart issues and trouble with learning and that was why I was in different classes.


When I decided to “come out” I was scared about what people would think about me. But, I’m so grateful I did! In facing that fear and owning who I was, I have found an avenue that I am passionate about. Being an advocate and striving to show others, like me, that there are ways to achieve goals and be who you want!


With facing my fears, taking chances, and surrounding myself with supportive people, I was able to not just graduate from high school, but also graduate from a vocational high school. Ever since I can remember, school was always difficult for me. I struggled with learning and it was always such a sore spot for me. Accepting these differences and allowing myself to take part in a non-traditional school led me to my love of floral design. Finding that program and finding those teachers and mentors gave me a drive to graduate and suddenly, school didn’t seem like such a chore. Graduating was a big deal, and with the amazing teachers I had, I was able to earn a career passport as a floral designer. The support and hard work of my teachers in school allowed me to accomplish my schooling and led me into my current floral business.


Now, I am able to share myself and my talents with so many people through my work. I also do really well with creating my own merch store with outshine labes, and this helps me to share awareness for young adults with disabilities. It can often feel like once we graduate, we sort of get lost, forgotten, or are overlooked. I have a goal to keep spreading awareness beyond the school years for those of us with disabilities into adulthood. If I did not face my fears and be open about who I am, I would have missed out on some great relationships, some wonderful teachers and mentors, and some excellent chances to influence the world around me!

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