22q Deletion in the Classroom: Physical Activity, Trips, Events

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Physical Activity, Trips, Events

What You Need To Know

  • Hypotonia (low muscle tone) is sometimes still an issue in the school years and may impact the child’s ability to participate in a physical education program.
  • Special accommodations needed for individuals who have 22q deletion syndrome are dependent on the individual child.
  • A child with 22q deletion with ADHD or executive function challenges, may wander or be confused on a field trip.
  • Speech difficulties may make field trips and special events more challenging.

What You Can Do

  • Involving the parent in the planning is important so that the special needs for special event or field trips can be addressed.
  • Assist in developing an adaptive physical education program if needed.

School Absences and Fatigue

What You Need To Know

  • Additional surgeries may cause increased absences.
  • In rare cases the immune deficiency can cause an increased susceptibility to infections.
  • Anxiety or depression may cause increased absences and school phobias.

What You Can Do

  • Work with the student and parents to communicate about absences for medical reasons and help provide the extra help needed.
  • Be alert for signs of anxiety or depression and contact the parents.

Emergency Planning

What You Need To Know

Emergency plans will be very individually determined and many children with 22q deletion syndrome will not have a need for a specific emergency plan.

Resources: See PDF Located on the Basic Information Page

This information is provided by GEMSS -Genetics Education Materials for School Success: The New England Genetics Collaborative is funded by Cooperative Agreement No. U22MC10980 between the University of New Hampshire and the Health Resources and Services Administration/ Maternal and Child Health Bureau/DSCSHN Genetic Services Branch.  To vistit the GEMMS website CLICK HERE


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