22q Deletion in the Classroom: Attention and Memory

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Attention and Memory

What You Need To Know

  • Diagnosis of attention deficit disorder is common in 22q deletion.
  • Attention to details but not the whole
  • Problems with concentration on tasks
  • Executive function difficulties affect planning, thinking flexibly and understanding abstract ideas.
  • This may cause children to struggle to remember, process, and organize information efficiently.
  • Executive function difficulties can cause problems in more complex math or in reading comprehension.
  • May also affect social interactions because of the difficulty in planning and executing plans

Interventions for attention and memory

  • Repeatedly using verbal instructions
  • Break down instructions into clear steps
  • Use a tape recorder while reading to the class
  • Allow student to use a word bank on a test to help with recall
  • Teach a system of remembering assignments using a chart and/or an assignment book

This information is provided by GEMSS -Genetics Education Materials for School Success: The New England Genetics Collaborative is funded by Cooperative Agreement No. U22MC10980 between the University of New Hampshire and the Health Resources and Services Administration/ Maternal and Child Health Bureau/DSCSHN Genetic Services Branch. 

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