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Dragonfly Forest Specialty Camp at Camp Spears YMCA is serving kids with 22q11.2 deletion syndrome. Our goal is to provide an exhilarating, challenging, and nurturing camp experience through which children gain a greater sense of independence, self-esteem, and self-reliance. Dragonfly Forest aspires to maximize the beneficial therapeutic impact of camp with a state-of-the-art facility and an innovative camp program which integrates peer support and outdoor adventure with high quality medical care, supervision, and education.

While constant vigilance is given to the medical needs of the campers, the trappings of a medical presence are avoided everywhere. Our infirmary is located in the living area of camp and is called “The Getaway.” The Getaway is devoid of the steely look and antiseptic smell. Clad in t-shirts and shorts, medical personnel made up of volunteer nurses and doctors (from some of the areas largest pediatric hospitals) provide round-the-clock medical coverage for our campers.

There is one adult to every two campers and medical staff who join kids in their cabins and throughout their daily activities. This also gives our medical staff a chance to interact with their patients in a unique way compared to the traditional doctors’ offices and hospitals. Dragonfly Forest Camp is staffed by some of this area’s top medical specialty professionals, who live at the camp throughout each session.


The Getaway is located in the same building where campers sleep. Each counselor is equipped with professional radios that connect them to our medical staff instantaneously if a problem arises. In addition, each unit has a golf cart to help transport a sick child who needs immediate medical care.

As you walk around our campus, one hardly notices that walkways end in access ramps and that forest trails are smooth enough for wheelchairs and motorized golf carts. There are elevators in any multi-story buildings and a set of wide green ball fields where a helicopter can land in case of an emergency. Dragonfly Forest Camp made sure that it has a specially heated swimming pool which permits campers to swim without the fear of impending painful events.

Our facility is less than 10 minutes from the Phoenixville Hospital. Our staff has a direct line to the Emergency Room and works hand in hand with the hospital to get a camper who has to leave camp back to our program in the shortest time possible. The camp has its own transportation capabilities, and we have built partnerships with the local police, fire departments, 911 Call Center, and Ambulance providers. Each group is thoroughly briefed before the start of season so they are ready to handle any emergencies that we may encounter.

Minimum Requirement for Registration: Dragonfly Fores accepts children across the spectrum of needs (from Verbal to Non-Verbal, High Functioning to High Needs). However, we do have limited counselors who can help campers with their Activities for Daily Living (toileting, showering, etc.). During the application process we will gather information on your camper's needs in this area. Please be honest. If you do not give us a complete picture of your camper we cannot assign the correct counselor(s) to them, and may have to send your child home from camp - no one wants that to happen!

CLICK HERE to visit Dragonfly Forest's website for a list of FAQ's and registration information.


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