Module 3: Family Perspectives -22q11.2 Deletion Syndrome

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Module 3: Family Perspectives (Presented by Mary Mayo, parent) • Designed for pediatricians and educators wanting to better understand the challenges faced by families of individuals affected with 22q11DS. • Narrated by the mother of a young adult with this condition, review of current literature and interviews with parents provide a closer look into the effect of this diagnosis on the entire family. This series of videos was produced through a collaboration between The Dempster Family Foundation and The 22q11.2 Clinic at the Duke University Medical Center. These modules were created for professional CME/CEU credit requirements. CEU's are Continuing Education Credits which licensed professionals are required to maintain in order to keep their license current. Please let your medical professionals know they can now receive CME or CEU credits for viewing these video modules. Professional seeking CME's/CEU's should follow the link below to acquire credit. CUT & PASTE THIS LINK:

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