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How old was Brooklyn when she was diagnosed? - We were blessed to receive our diagnosis of 22q by amniocentesis in utero.

How has 22q changed your family's life for the better? - 22q has changed our family in so many ways, especially with the compassion that my other 2 children have learned to show others.  Having a daughter with 22q has inspired me and shown her that her true calling is in pediatric medicine working with both healthy and medically fragile children!

What is the greatest challenge with this diagnosis? - Our greatest challenge associated with 22q has been related to her diagnosis of TOF (tetralogy of fallot), previous seizures, frequent respitory infections, and hypocalcemia.

What is your family's greatest accomplishment? - Our biggest accomplishment in our 22q journey is how far she has come with feeding and speech!!  We've come from exclusive tube feedings to fully oral feeds and non-verbal sign communication to mostly understandable sentences!!

What one thing do you need most from the 22q community and/or our foundation? - Education & experience from others in the 22q community and foundation has been so helpful in coping with our diagnosis of 22q.

What do you enjoy most about being a part of the 22q community? - We enjoy being a part of the 22q community because everyone has been so helpful in sharing their experiences in parenting and giving advice when we are facing new and unknown 22q challenges!


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