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We both can say we’ve really become who we were supposed to be, thanks to 22q. More patience, understanding, open hearts and open minds. Before 22q, we would try to be understanding of the fact that everyone has differences, or that everyone may have a different path in life, and that’s ok. But truly embracing that concept and accepting it didn’t come until we had a child with 22q. Also, we’ve met some of the most amazing people, found a purposeful way to give back, and it honestly has made us better people. We often say how much we appreciate the small victories in life, and having that perspective truly is the best blessing one could ask for.

The biggest challenge is just explaining what exactly 22q is to others, having them understand that while Aubrey is doing awesome and totally is a typical 6 year old in most every single way, we do worry about her future, her mental health, her social skills, and her academic future. Its also hard as a parent to try and not compare your kid to everyone else. While we are always so proud of everything Aubrey can do, it still does sting when you see other parents sharing things their child who is a similar age or younger doing, knowing your child works hard but still does struggle in some areas.

Funny how once you have a kid with 22q, everything is an amazing accomplishment! We are so proud of Aubrey for everything- she’s at grade level for everything in school, and she’s working so hard in speech. She’s great on horseback, and she also loves playing softball. Kate’s pretty proud of being a part of #werun22q and having collectively as a team having raised $38,000 for the foundation the last two years.

We’d love to see the community come together and be proud to #rockyourq. Without everyone helping spread the word, 22q will never become a household name and gain the recognition it needs to end the stigma about anything surrounding “differences.” Embracing that everyone with 22q has their strengths and their challenges and being proud to share what life is like with 22q would go a long way.

What do we enjoy about being part of the 22q community?  Hands down the people we’ve met, the stories we’ve shared, and the chance to truly make a difference. We are the families of 22q. It’s pretty amazing to me that we have the chance to make a difference and change the landscape. Bonding with other families and having the chance to help others along the way definitely is meaningful and hopefully we can inspire others, too. And, meeting Katie Chiet through Instagram and becoming BFF’s has been pretty sweet.


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