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Hi all,
Our son Viraaj has 22 Q deletion.He was born in India and at 40 days of birth suffered seizures due to low calcium levels. He was hospitalized for 11 days. That is the time they suspected DiGeorge Syndrome. He was followed by endocrinologist and cardiologist. We move to Toronto when he was 14 months old . Around 22 months was diagnosed with it. Many questions got answered like speech delay . He has a VSD that hasn't closed yet, but no surgery needed. Viraaj has also had one submucous cleft surgery . He receives Speech, OT therapies. He started grade 1 this year and super excited for in person learning this year. We have made many gains and it has been such an incredible journey. Viraaj has taught us a lot, especially patience and gratitude. Hugs to all.

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