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Meet Kati.
She is one of our young adults with 22q. She attends Northern Arizona University and is a return applicant for our Riley Dempster 22q Family Foundation Scholarship. She applied last year and did not win, but is applying again in hopes this year she will succeed. "Since I started at my university, I have noticed a huge change on how I learn. I am very proud to say that I reached a 3.0 all by myself by asking for help from my TA's and seeing my teachers via zoom. It was a struggle finishing the semester online since I was a transfer student this last semester and wasn’t able to connect like I wanted too. I am looking forward to this fall and going back to Arizona! Getting a 3.0 feels so dang good, especially with living with 22q :) "

Kati, we wish you the most success for your upcoming school year!

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