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 How has 22q changed your family's life for the better?  Coralean has showed us strength. From infancy she’s been a fighter and always proves she can do the things we question. She has been going to Speech for a year now and even though she struggles with being understood; she loves letters, writing, and reading. Talk about turning a challenge around. She’s 100% strength and we like to remember that when my husband and myself struggle with something.

What is the greatest challenge with this diagnosis?  Her greatest challenge is the same as how she has changed us for the better. Her speech delay makes it difficult for her to speak in public places and to new people. She is SO smart but shuts down because “her voice sounds different”- as she explains it.

What is your family's greatest accomplishment? Her greatest accomplishment has been being a rock star big sister. She’s very clinging to her dad and I, and we were worried about jealousy but honestly, she always puts her sister first. Coralean always thinks about Rreya and even writes Rreyas name along side hers when she works on projects. She loves being a big sister with her entire heart.

What one thing do you need most from the 22q community and/or our foundation? The 22q family foundation has done so much for us this past year. Coralean, now 5, had our hearts broken in the beginning. We were constantly worried and felt like we were in the dark and didn’t know how to make her comfortable with her own self and flourish. We now know she will move mountains and she is the strongest person we know. The foundation helps us, as parents. We found them about a year ago and all of the friendships that we have formed and information we have gained, is unbelievable. We wish we found the 22q Family Foundation right from the beginning. If there was a way for all the families who just gain the news about their loved one to be a part of the foundation...that would be a game changer. There is so much support and others out there who “get it”. I️ was asked to be a part of #werun22q back in September and will be running in my first Ragnar Race this May, without the Foundation...that would not be possible.

What do you enjoy most about being a part of the 22q community?  I guess I kind of answered this question in my last response BUT the community. The fact that I️ can reach out to other families and seek out advice and or vent. We laugh and we cry but we do it together. Together for us and for our kiddos.

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