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How old were you when diagnosed with 22q? - After my heart surgery when I was 5 months old.

How has 22q changed your family for the better? - 22q has changed my family's outlook on life.  At first my parents were really scared.  Now they are pros and want to learn to not only help me, but others as well.  It has given us the perspectives of other families and how everybody is different.  My parents taught me that we don't need sympathy.  If we get positive sympathy, that's great.  If we get negative sympathy, we just ignore it.  This is our family's situation and it has changed our lives for the better because of the positive ways we look into it.  We appreciate all the amazing resources and people we have met along the way.

What is your greatest challenge with your diagnosis? - I will be mentioning this in me eBook that I am planning to write.  Honestly, I was very confused.  After a while of getting taught by guidance counselors, my parents and doctors, I was a little embarassed.  Soon I knew about why I was always going to the doctors.  It was definitely a challenge to accept, but eventually I decided to look at the positives and things started to come together.  Now 22q is my career focus.  

What is your biggest accomplishment? - My biggest accomplishment is getting accepted into college.  I would never have thought I would make it even past high school.  But I have always been a studious person in spite of my difficulty in math.  Now, I am in a private college exclusively for those with learning differences who want to pursue a bachelor or associates degree.

What one thing do you need most from the 22q community and/or our foundation? - Just a community of people with amazing resources that can help others become successful and their best selves.

What is one thing you enjoy about being part of the 22q community? - The focus of creating more public awareness.  It is gratifying to help others understand who we are and appreciate the challenges and miracles in our community.


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