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Meet Ellie Mae Williams. This year has had tremendous ups and downs for her. We live in Miami-Dade, FL and Covid has taken its toll on our city. We’ve had two family members pass because of it and many affected.

We took a few months to wait for the numbers to decrease to finally put her back in school. There was no online learning option for her age range anywhere, so we found a small school where she would be safely learning in a low student to teacher setting. She stepped foot into her Pre-K 3 year old class and has thrived by checking off each age level skill on her first report card. She walked in saying a few words and within two to three weeks began saying full sentences.

Of course, it goes without saying that the teacher has been a hero in this process. The transition from learning gap to learning gains is all thanks to her and we couldn’t be more proud and happy to report that even during a global pandemic, where there is expectancy of huge learning curves, this little 22qtie is thriving! Love her to pieces!

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