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I have been blessed to be Za’Niyah’s mommy. She is the most precious gift ever given to me. When I was 23 weeks pregnant I went for an ultrasound. They found that she had a hole in her heart. We were rushed to a fetal cardiologist where I was told that it seemed that the defect was Truncus Arteriosus. It was suggested that I have a test done specially for DiGeorge Symdrome. I did and it came back that she did have 22q deletion. She was born at 41 weeks. She was 7.7 lbs. I had a great delivery. They took my angel away and began doing workups on her. She was scheduled to have surgical repair of her heart defect on day 5 but it was found she had 3 strokes. So they sent us home and was going to do the surgery at 3 weeks. After being home for two weeks she went into heart failure and was rushed to the ER where she had the repair the next day. Surgery went well and we were sent home a few weeks later. After being home for a month she went into heart failure again and rushed to the ER. They repeated the surgery again. The first surgery her body did not heal to the value that was put in so they had to do it a different way. She did great after surgery. So far there hasn’t been any other issues associated with DiGeorge. She eats great and has great T-cell function. She is tiny because she went into heart failure twice dropping down to 5 lb.s both times. She is 9.6 lbs. now and is such a joy. She is hitting all her developmental milestones. She smiles and laughs, holds her head up and trying to crawl. She is a really happy baby and the sweetest girl I know! I love her so much and she makes a room light up. I am so thankful for her.

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