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On May 5, 1992 was one of the happiest days in our lives! Our son, Will made his debut that was quite memorable! Everything was great after delivery until one of the nurses came in to say we have taken Will up to Special care to have him checked out! From that moment on it was all a whirlwind. He was taken to Egleston only to have a shunt placed and to be told he had Pulmonary Atresia with ASD/VSD…. After 3-4 months hospital stays of failure to thrive, calcium deficits, etc… we came home. Before he was 4 years of age he gone through 2 open heart surgeries and many other challenges that VCFS kids face. He is quite the miracle child! Our pediatrician now tells us while seeing her through all of this she wasn’t sure Will would survive all of his challenges. But God never left us through all of these challenges. The road has definitely not been an easy one but we have learned so much! He is now 20, finished his Special Education program at his high school, completed a Vocational Program in Warm Springs, GA and is waiting to see if he can go to Kennesaw State University to participate in program for kids with disabilities. In the meantime we are searching for a job. Because of his heart/lung issues and academic difficulties that can be quite the challenge. As parents we would love to hear from anyone who has found programs, etc to help these kids with their future.

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