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Taya Grace was born on May 1, 2009. We went home 3 days later with a healthy baby. We soon found out that Taya had many things internally going on that we didn’t know about. 17 hours after being home on May 4, we returned to the ER ten minutes from our home. A few hours later we were informed that our baby had 3 major heart defects IAA (interrupted Aortic Arch), VSD (Ventricular Septal Defect) and Aortic Stenosis. We also were told that Taya had DiGeorge Syndrome. We spent 12 weeks in Ann Arbor, MI for Taya to undergo major heart surgery. Taya went on ECMO (heart and lung bypass) after surgery. She continued to have several issues with the pressures in her heart and fluid build up in her lungs. We also struggled to get Taya to eat and gain weight. Taya underwent a nissen fundoplication and g-tube to help her gain weight. We later were transferred to South Dakota to get closer to our hometown in NW Iowa. Taya spent 4 more weeks in the hospital. Taya today is healthy and growing. We still have problems with Taya’s immune system and are working on getting her to eat by mouth. She is however on the growth chart and gaining weight. Taya is a special little girl and has brought so much joy to our family and community.

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