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Tanner diagnoses was not made until he was 11 1/2 years old, but the signs and symptoms were there since birth. As an infant he suffered with nasal regurgitation, repeated respiratory infections, constipation, and slow motor development. At age 2 he started in our Early Childhood Special Education program where he received services for delayed language development, articulation, and occupational and physical therapy. He underwent a pharyngeal flap repair at age 4. His learning profile is also typical of children with the deletion, with math being the area of most difficulty. He has also been diagnosed with mild anxiety issues and attention problems. Tanner has always been reluctant/anxious to try new things, but we always supported and pushed him to face those fears. We started with swimming lessons at age 2. Our family loves to be outdoors and in the water, and we knew that teaching him to swim was important to his safety. After many lessons and much patients, Tanner learned to swim! Although he is not able to swim competitively, he has a lifelong healthy activity that he can participate in. As a baby Tanner LOVED music! At age 10 he began singing for our local city’s Boys Choir and in 5th grade began playing the baritone. He continues to sing and play. He has met and made many friends through these activities and has found a social group that he can relate too. Dealing with the medical and emotional issues of a child with 22q deletion is daunting and at times overwhelming. We have been so grateful for the resources available online, as they were instrumental in getting Tanner a diagnosis. Many thanks to the Dempster Foundation.

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