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Sierra was born in March of 2007. She was born with a "cat cry" and the team of doctors immediately suspected that she had cri du chat syndrome. So, while she was in the hospital, she was tested. Her results came back negative and no further testing was done.

When she was 6 months old, we discovered that Sierra had a laryngeal web and subglottic stenosis, which was affecting her ability to swallow, breath and thrive. She had a laryngeal tracheal airway reconstructive surgery when she was 14 months old...and was completely cleared by the age of 2 1/2. Sierra continued to have developmental delays, speech and fine motor delays through her toddler and into the school age years. However, she wasn't diagnosed with 22q11.2 deletion syndrome until December of 2013!

Now, at the age of 7, Sierra is thriving and loving life. She still has to deal with some mild delays, learning difficulties, anxiety and short term memory issues, but this little girl is loved so much and has her family to support her!

She wants to be a teacher when she grows up.

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