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Sean was born December 26, 2004. His first day of life was a very rough start. We found out that Sean was born with a Restriction to the Aorta, several Heart Murmurs, low blood sugar, low blood plattes, droop to the left side of the mouth. At the time they didn’t even know what Sean had — they kept saying he was Developmentally Delayed. We went for 10 years with that label. Sean had a lot of ear and throat infections. He has a Soft Cleft Palette. It was 2004 when we finally got the correct diagnosis and that was DiGeorge Syndrome, 22q11.2, VeloCardioFacial Syndrome. From there Sean received all kind of help. He had a partial soft cleft palette surgery which helped him with his speech when he hadn’t been able to talk at all then was talking full sentences. It wasn’t until 2009 that he had a Sandwich Graph on his left ear that the ear infections finally stopped. Sean has over come many health issues. We just look at each other and shake our heads. Sean is now getting help from Nova University in Fort Lauderdale with his teeth and his smile. The Craniofacial team of Joe DiMaggio Hospital is helping with his Soft Cleft Palatte issues.

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