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Your Story: Saniyah was born August 1, 2012. She was a full term
baby that was said to be pretty healthy so her 49 days in the
NICU was a surprising to us. After running a number of test on
her they found that she had a large VSD, abnormal calcium levels,
and a "weak" immune system. With all this they had not figured
out it was DiGeorge until after 3 weeks or so in the NICU. We
took her home on 7 medications and a NJ tube. Saniyah had her VSD
repaired at 6 months and also had a g-tube placed. Aside from her
feeding issues Saniyah has been doing great. She is no longer on
any medications. She is growing and has tons of energy. She also
manages to be a diva in her spare time. God has been really good
to us! He blessed us with such an amazing gift in such a small
package. It is very apparent to me know that strength has nothing
to do with size.

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