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Our first blessing, Samara, was born with a crooked smile. Thankfully, her pediatrician recommended follow-up at Children\'s Hospital of Wisconsin, where she was diagnosed through the FISH test, with 22Q at 4 months. What a blessing it is to have CHW in our backyard, as they have a VCFS clinic and are consistently the 3rd ranked children's hospital in the country! With my background as a social worker, I knew that early intervention was absolutly essential, even though no other concerns with our daughter were noted. We credit our local Birth-3 early intervention team with getting Samara off on the right path, with PT and Speech and an aggressive treatment plan, even though she did not technically qualify for assistance because no delays were noted. Samara is now 5 and has very minor symptoms of 22Q (submucuous cleft palate, bifid uvula, hearing loss and tubes in her ears). She is homeschooled due to some social anxiety that has become a bit more troublesome as she ages, but is excelling beyond most 5-year-olds. She adores art of all sorts, playing outside with her best friends, anything princess, and her family. We thank God absolutely every day for her and know that our marriage and family and Christian faith are so much stronger as a result of her diagnosis!

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