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Robbie is the light of our life! He has been with our family for over 2 months ago and is a happy loving sweet little boy. On May 20, 2012 we received a message from our adoption consultant that there was an agency needing to find homes for two sweet 3 month old baby boys diagnosed with Di George syndrome. Our home study had just been completed so we were interested in finding more information. We were told that these little boys were part of a triplet set, but due to complications in the hospital after birth (including Necrotizing Enterocolitis for both boys, and Robbie’s brother having an extremely complicated heart, the family realized that they could not properly care for the children or give them the life they deserved. We were also told that the family also felt that it would be best if the boys were placed in separate homes because of his brother’s severe heart complication, but the agency was trying to get them to place the boys together. We told the agency that if the family was still interested in placing the boys separately that we would be willing to be Robbie’s parents. On May 22 we were told that Robbie’s first parents had chosen us for this sweet little boy! We were on a plane on the 24th and he was ours on the 25th!! After spending almost 2 weeks in his home state, we traveled home and started our new life with our son! When we got home we hit the ground running with the doctors visits as we only got some info from the hospital and everything was so disorganized we decided to start from scratch as much as we could. So far we have seen Cardiology (he has 3 small holes in his heart that they fully expect to close on their own), GI (For GERD and NEC), ENT (found out that he has a small VPI, and we are getting a second opinion), feeding clinic to see why they were adding rice cereal- found out that it was for reflux instead of aspiration issues. He was evaluated by home therapy due to his developmental delay, and we just saw immunology (which he has low T cells but no intervention is needed right now) Robbie is a little behind developmentally, but we are trying to figure out if this is because of the 22q or because of him being in the hospital for the first 3 months of his life. We currently and will always have constant contact with his identical twin that also has 22q, and have a very open relationship with his first family and the third triplet. I know we have a long way to go with Robbie and we still don’t know the whole picture of how he is affected by 22q, but we do know that he is a huge blessing to our family and we love him so much!!!

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