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This is our beautiful rainbow baby, Rhyelle. I had a normal pregnancy and birth. When Rhyelle was born we were all shocked by her size. She was 6lbs and 18inch. Not expecting a baby that small, we had to borrow clothing from her sisters dolls. At 6 months old Rhyelle got referred to physical therapy for torticollis. After a few visits, the physical therapist recommended we request services through early start because of her developmental delay. The physical therapist also diagnosed her with hypotonia. It wasn't until we switched doctors that Rhyelle was finally diagnosed with 22q. In her case it was a random deletion. Since her diagnosis at 11months old, it has been a sea of dr visits and therapies. Today, at 18 months, Rhyelle's biggest challenges are hypotonia and developmental delays.  She gets physical therapy, feeding therapy, occupational therapy, and vision therapy through early start. She has made alot of progress and recently graduated from feeding therapy. At 18 months, she is still working on unsupported sitting and crawling.

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