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Our story started from when I was 16 weeks pregnant I got sent in for a lovely level 2 ultra sound due to medical problems in the family. It was at that basic appointment that we had been told there were concerned about the baby’s heart.  We were scheduled for a fetal echo at Children’s. At the appointment we were told that appeared she had a heart defect known as tetralogy of fallot with pulmonary atresia and and vsd.  We were told to follow up with are doctors. In November of 2003 are beautiful 6.2 lb baby, Reanne came in to this world we held her for around 15 minutes then she got sent over to cicu at Children’s. At that time we were told about DiGeorge Syndrome and thought she had it but not until two weeks later were we informed of her diagnose. Reanne spent her first two years in the hospital to have multiple surgeries from open heart, trach, g-tube surgeries and a colonstomy bag up until she was two years old. She is non-verbal and needs a wheelchair to get around. She has a history of seizures. At this time she has some of her doctors curious because got some medical problems going on that doctors have no clue what’s causing the.

Even with all the medical problems she has been through she is still our angel and has taught me so many things.

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