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I had Peyton Decemeber 23, 201 —  she got rushed a few hours after I had her to Lawnwood Hospital and the met-lifted to Miami… they found she had a interrupted aorta that was also narrowed and constricted, also her heart had two holes in both lower chambers. She had open heart sugery on December 29 and  she stayed on the ventalator for a week. When they took off the intabator she had a hard time breathing; they found she had an Anterior Glottic Web that constricted her to breathe. She was put back on the ventalator and on January 13, 2011 she had a tracheostomy done. So now she has a trach to breath with. On Feb. 9, 2011  she is going in to get a G-Tube put in,  due to she has a hard time feeding by a bottle. She is also getting a sixth digit removed, and will start working on her airways so in the future she can breathe with out the trach. Peyton only weighs 6.4 lbs. and can’t gain weight. She has stayed that weight now for three weeks. She has the DiGeorge Syndrome. Peyton requires another open heart sugery in two to three months to replace her shunt but she will have several more heart operations after this. She also requires several operations on her airway, too. We have been in the hospital since the day she was born but she is doing good and has made it through all sugeries so far.

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