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Patrick was diagnosed at three weeks. He has since had three open heart surgeries. Two of them occurred before he was five weeks old. He is treated at CHOP for his 22q. Patrick loves playing baseball, basketball and flag football (with typical peers). He currently attends a private Christian School in Manheim, Penn. He is in sixth grade and loves school. He actually gets upset with us when he has to miss school. Patrick’s other passions are anything with History. He watches the Military Channel and the Civil War Channel every chance he gets. His favorite subjects are History and the Bible. He actually volunteers in the 3-4 year old classrooms at Sunday School with our church.

Patrick is also diagnosed with anxiety, ADHD and PDD NOS. He does take medication for the anxiety and ADHD. Patrick had the VPI “flap” surgery when he was 5. What a difference that made in his speech. There is still some nasality but his articulation improved dramatically after the surgery. Patrick has had speech therapy since infancy and OT on and off. He currently has OT for sensory integration issues.

Patrick knows he has 22q deletion but doesn’t seem to care. His friends actually admire his acceptance of himself and his relentless desire to succeed in what he sets his mind to. The joy Patrick has brought to our lives is priceless. We do have our down days, but I wouldn’t trade any of those days.

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