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Megan was diagnosed with 22Q11 Deletion at age 10. Due to 22q Megan has a speech problem. We took Megan out of the public school system last year and placed her in a small private school. This proved to be an excellent decision. This summer Megan was afforded the opportunity to attend Camp Courage and Camp Braveheart. When she returned, she changed her eating habits. She said that she learned how to manage her diet. Since returning Megan has losted 10 pounds and has joined a tumbling class. Megan’s weight was on the heavy side. But now she is determined to continue to watch what she eats and wants to continue losing weight. We purchased her a scale which she loves. She wants to see the daily results of saying “no” to certain foods. Of course when we attend events with the Dempster Foundation, its a fun opportunity and a day to enjoy and pig out a little. So far we attended 2 baseball games and a zoo trip to the zoo. We have made lots of new friends and are proud of the work the Foundation is proving. Thanks Ryan.

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