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Maddox was born in July 2007 and was diagnosed with 22Q at the age three, thanks to the suggestion from his Speech Therapist, Jessica Montgomery, at Helen Keller in Sheffield, AL.  After 18 months of speech therapy and having his tonsils and adenoids removed, she suggested that he get tested because of continued V.P.I.  He has had two surgeries on his palate at Vanderbilt Children's in Nashville, TN.  He receives speech five days a week. We also have to keep check on his heart because he has an extra loop from the left to the right side. So far, his heart has grown with the extra blood flow.

He is a happy child who God blessed with the right spirit to be resilient. He loves to swim and ride his bike.  As his Dad, I am so appreciative of and The Dempster Family Foundation. They both have lead me in positive directions to provide the best for my son on a daily basis.

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