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Lynwood was adopted by me in 2009 in New York City. We recently moved here to Alabama almost two years ago. He was diagnosed when he was a baby. He had his first surgery before I came into his life when he was a little over a year old. He has stents placed, has a learning disability, talks constantly and is afraid of loud noises but likes toys with music and noise. He doesn’t like to listen and has a short attention span. His doctors had him on medication but nothing with stimulants because of his heart… We have an appointment with a child psychiatrist in two weeks. Also he has PT, OT and speech. He is really a smart child but with these handicaps. I really need to correspond with someone who has a child with the same condition that he has. I know no one. And I also want to join a support group in my area or close by. Please, i am at my wits end. No one really understand what he and I are going through. He starts kindergarten next week and I know that the teachers are going to be calling me constantly. Please help me.

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