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Hello my name is Kathy my Daughter Laura was born with 22q. We did not find out she had it until after she had been home. After they tested her they tested me and told me i had the same. The first year of her life was filled with many visits to the cardiologist. they wanted to make sure she was strong enough to handle the surgery she would need. They labeled her condition a Double outlet right ventricle vsd. She would need surgery. Her first surgery ended up when she was 14mths old. It was done at Childrens Memorial Hospital. It was a long ordeal. Tiring for both mom and dad. She had two holes, They had to reroute the arteries and fix the valve. 12 hrs long. And even after it was over we could not see her. they ended up having 2 emergency cases. My daughter was so strong. She is a fighter. we were informed she would need yet another surgery. They originally told us age 14. Now it is coming up faster than we thought. This summer to be exact. This time it is to replace the valve. So scary to watch our little girl go through all of this. Thanks for listening to our story and know that your little girl is also in our prayers. Your friend in faith The Schweiger family.

Update on Laura as of 5-8-10

We have a date on her upcoming surgery. It will be on June 22nd. It is for a valve replacement. She will be at Children’s Memorial Hospital. Just thought I would ask for continued prayers. Thanks

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