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Our son Landon is a kind hearted handsome young boy. He is the
second child out of my three sons. I always knew there was something
amiss with him, but didn't know what it was. As a parent, you
compare your children and Landon was not meeting his mile stones
as his older brother did. Everyone tells you not to compare, but
you do! Landon was genetically tested and came back positive for
22q, right after turning three years old. Then my husband and I were
tested and came back negative. The geneticist said it was a new

The only medical issues are that Landon has a VSD, he's had about
5 sets of ear tubes and he did have the VPI surgery. Landon did
have speech for his articulation with Dr. Karen Golding-Kushner
for about four years..starting with three times per week and going to
once a week. There were so many corrections in his articulation
and one of the biggest issues were all his glottal stops. He now
only receives speech in school for language. He speaks
beautifully now! It was a long road with speech!

When Landon was about 18 months old his regular pediatrician
recommended that we call the State for EI services. I did, right
away! He of course, qualified and started to receive Speech, OT,
PT and a Special Ed Teacher. He was getting some sort of service
everyday. Sometimes even twice a day. Landon had EI for about
1.5 years, then he transitioned into our disabled pre-school
program until he was ready for kindergarten. He did repeat
kindergarten, which was the best decision we made for his
education. Landon now is in his last few weeks of 2nd grade and
is doing great. Our district has given us everything that we have
asked for, for his education...I'm a big advocate for him and he
deserves the best! "I can't" are not in my vocabulary when is
comes to the education that he deserves. Next school year, Landon
will be in a resource room for math and language arts and then in
a co-teaching classroom for the rest of the day.

Landon enjoys swimming, playing with his friends and brothers and
being his family!


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