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Landon is a very sweet 8 month old boy. He has been through a lot since birth, but continues to wake up with a smile every morning. March 30, 2011 Landon was born at 8 lbs 3.7 oz. We knew that Landon was going to need open heart surgery when born. So I feel lucky that I knew that. One week after he was born he had the surgery and shortly thereafeter we found out he did have 22q deletion. Landon also was having a lot of issue wih breathing. He was trached 2 months later. Along with g-tube. He has been home from hospital since June 3. We have not been back yet, though we practially live at the doctors office. He is dealing with first illness now and hanging in there pretty well. I am constantly reading and looking for info. Did I mention Landon has the best big brother ever? His name is Lucca. Even though I am new at this, I will share my experience with anyone and happy to talk with anyone if there is a need. My outlook is to be positive and reach high with Landon.

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