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My name is Karen, I have a 12 year old child with 22Q deletion and we were diagnosised between 2001 and 2002. My son was not meeting his milestones at 16mths old he started walking he was late in just about everything. Jordan has an enlarged heart, but never had any open heart surgery,  He has had 6 sets of tubes in his ears and mild hearing loss in the left ear.

Still today he has speech therapy in school.  Jordan has a tough time learning. He's in 6th grade. He had problem's growing and eating, but not now.  He grew out of a lot of things that come with 22q. Jordan has ADHD but no meds I put my foot down on that; he's a good kid.  I on the other hand didn't have a lot of problem's when I was growing up. I mean I was sick a lot and had some speech problens and learning diffilculty's but I graduated from high school and I also have an 18 year old who is graduating in one week from high school.

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