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Our 26 yr. old son, John Mark, was born in 1987 with Spina Bifida, hydrocephalus, club feet, two holes in his heart and a soft cleft palate that was open. He was immediately sent to Children’s Memorial Hospital for his care. We did not find out what caused all of these medical problems until we had genetic testing done in 1998, and it was at that time that we first learned about 22q. Having that diagnosis has helped us understand his condition so much better. Most recently he has developed ulcerative colitis which required surgery for an ileostomy. He also has developmental delays to go along with his medical needs. John Mark loves contemporary Christian music and going to his favorite bands’ concerts; he never wants to miss church on Sunday, and is a faithful fan of his favorite sports teams: the Chicago Cubs, the Chicago Bulls and the Green Bay Packers. Plus, he is a true extrovert…he loves to be out doing something with people…going to Cubs games, movies, restaurants and youth group.

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