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I have a beautiful little girl her name is Jennifer. She is a miracle. She has 22q Deletion Syndrome, VCFS, Club feet, VSD. She had a Vascular Ring Repair, cleft palate and multiple ear infections, low immune, 25 percent developmentally delayed and she is speech impaired. She is a fighter! GOD has a plan for her life. She is my inspiration! Most of the time when she gets a shot or something she doesn’t cry. She is sooooooo brave. A lot braver than mommy. She has had about 4 or 5 surgeries and still more to go. Jennifer enjoys playing with her big brother, watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. She also enjoys playing with her pets. Never meets a stranger! I am so blessed! We found out that Jennifer had this 22q in May of 2011. I wasn’t shocked because I knew. There is a good chance that I could have it. She is 31 lbs. and well right now. She just had her second set of tubes in both ears May of 2012. More ear surgeries to go. Please pray for us.

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