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My name is JD Mayo. I was born with a heart problem. I had 4 open heart surgery’s. I am now 29 years old. I have two younger brothers and one older sister who is married and I am the god father of her oldest daughter who is 7. I live on my own in my apartment. I pay my bills for my rent, cable, electric, and phone. I also take care of my cat fifer. I have always have trouble with my heart condition when I was young. Very limited to certain sports and activity’s. I use to play golf and bowling. They were easy to play for somebody in my condition. No hard contact sports to hard on my body. In school I was having trouble with math. I was how ever good at science and history. I can never be in the real military even though I have always wanted to serve my country or do my part to help the American people. So after I moved out on my own. I found CAP, Civil Air Patrol it is a auxiliary air force. All volunteer and don’t get paid. We work with air shows, finding missing people and working after Hurricanes have hit the coast. I love it I work with real military people and get to serve my country best way I can. I am really interested in film making I like to direct short films and enter them into film festivals. I am also a civil war reenactor. We reenact the battles of the civil war from 150 years ago. With my heart condition it hard for me to do a lot of marching and drilling. They understand my heart condition and it’s okay for me to take breaks while we do that. A lot of old guys with other conditions do the same if they can’t keep up. We call that straggling. But since my last surgery 3 years ago. They made it better. I can do a lot more things that I couldn’t. I do sleep with oxygen on at night only. I have a part time job with Pizza Hut. I have worked there for two years now. I really enjoy it. I clean dishes for them. I work Tuesdays threw Friday’s. I take the applecart to get to work. It is free and reliable. It’s great. It picks me up at my apartment and drops me off where I need to go.

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