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Hi, I am a mommy of child with 22q her name is Jasmine she is 11yrs old. She was diagnosed a little over a year ago after many hospital stays and heart operations to repair her tetralogy of fallot. She has had surgeries on her heart, diaphram muscle, throat, stomach. As a young mother didn’t realize how much of a responsibility it was to care for a child much less a child with 22q. I can say after being in a hospital setting much of her life I have learned a lot and am very thankful God chose me to be her mother.She is a very smart little girl who loves to swim and she has many friends who look up to her because she is so strong. She still has hospital stays alot but it doesnt set her back from achieving her goals. She’s now a middleschooler!! While drs are discussing feeding tube for Jasmine she is working on getting her weight where it needs to be with the help of pediasure and scandi shakes. She will have a pulomary valve surgery in the near future but she isnt focusing on the negative right now shes focusing on being a bright, beautiful little girl and doing a good job so far. She is a firm beiever that we may not be able to fix things that are wrong with other people but we can pray for them and their wellbeing. Please send prayers our way and we will be glad to return the favor. Hope everyone has a blessed day.

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