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On March 18, 2010, I went into preterm labor with my little man. They had an ultrasound done and told me he was disformed and I would need to get my labor stopped and be transported to a better hospital with a NICU unit. After we were transfered and my labor started up again they did another ultrasound telling me he was completely fine in which I was relieved to hear of course. After 27 hours of labor they finished breaking my water causing Jaiden to turn breach. On March 19 we were rushed in for an emergency c-section and Jaiden was taken straight to the NICU. Two days later they found he had a huge heart murmer so they started doing many tests and x-rays. When he was 4 days old we were given the news that our little Jaiden had DiGeorge Syndrome and Pulmonary Atresia w/ VSD and collateral vessels and that he would need heart surgery. Today, Jaiden has been through two major heart reconstructive surgeries and three heart catheters and another cath in a couple weeks. He is only 15 lbs. and has major delevopmental delays but he is the happiest and most loving little boy around.  He makes me proud being as tough as he is. I am truly blessed to be his mommy.


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