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My grandson was diagnosed at the age of 3 years with 22q11.2 after he had fit. Jack was born 19 May 07 with bilateral talapies and had pot therapy from week one,  He didn't feed well we kept asking health visitors doctors.  Then a locome doctor at our surgery asked to see him and referred him to hospital at the age of 6 months.  Within a week, he had a VSD repair and started to gain weight.  We worried about his speech until this dreaded fit then the doctor on duty there started to put history together and did a FISH test, which came back that Jack was the only one to have 22q.

Jack is happy, loving child loves fast cars music dancing, singing, computer games and football.  He still struggles with speech but is getting there; and we wouldn't have him any other way he is the light of our lives.


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