IRELYNN – 6 years old

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My daughter, Irelynn, was born in December 2007 and wasn't diagnosed until the age of two years old.

Irelynn has a perfect heart which we are grateful for everyday! She has a lot of other issues that we are still trying to figure out, the new one being possible moyamoya disease! She has had 8 surgeries and numerous procedures and tests. We are also waiting on results of her Micro array test.

With all of her ailments, Irelynn is still the happiest, most loving little girl in the world. She is such a girly girl! Loves everything Disney and dressing up! She just got to meet Katy Perry, who is her favorite singer!

Since we live in Las Vegas, we have often travel to California for medical care but try to make it fun instead of always going for doctor appts! We are frequent visitors to Disneyland! I love my 22q-t so much and feel so blessed for support groups and foundations like the Dempster Foundation! We pray constantly that Irelynn will keep getting stronger and prove many doctors wrong and we pray for our fellow 22q families!

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