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Our beautiful Fernanda was diagnosed with DiGeorge Syndrome when I was 9 months pregnant. At 3 days old she had her first heart repair surgery, she stayed in the PICU & NICU for her first 3 months of life. She also was born with feeding difficulties, currently has a G-tube for feeding and cannot swallow properly. She suffers with GERD and was born without a thymus gland. She has had two more surgeries since birth, last one was to place a pace-maker. She is a strong and vibrant little girl. She just began walking in December, and is a determined to explore her world. Like many other parents we spent her first year of life in the hospital, multiple doctor visits, and continue to have our ups and downs due to her health. None the less, we thank God for giving her to us, and pray that she over comes her challenges. We have not met any other parents whose children have DiGeorge, until we heard of this foundation through my brother who happens to be in the news media and covered the story of Mr.Dempster. Fernanda will be soon having another catherization to blow-up the balloon in her artery to improve her blood flow and we as parents are eagerly looking for clinics, hospitals, etc. that could provide intense feeding therapy. Any suggestions? Thanks.

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