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I am the mother of 3 wonderful boys Danny 17, Fabiel 5 (22q11), and Fabian 4. Fabiel, was born full term by C-section. Hours after his birth I notice he was shivering. I thought he was cold so I covered him more. I was told by the Doctor that he is fine. At home he kept having these shivers. It is now day 8 and the shivers were stronger and more frequent, he would cry and scream after each episode. I decided to take him to Miami Children’s Hospital where in the E.R. they ran all types of test. He was having seizures… After so many hours of them trying to start an I.V. they gave up so he can rest. He was so tired! they tried to open an I.V. in the arms, legs, groin area, the head, but nothing. He was so hungry we fed him and waited for him to calm down. Early the next day a surgeon walk into our room and was able to start a central line, finally he was able to receive all the necessary medication . The Dr. confirmed that he had Hypocalcemia and that it may be Digeorge Syndrome. At that point I thought my baby wasn’t going to make it. Fabiel, has a PDA (heart condition) that was closed when he turned a year old. He has Pulmonary Stenosis, and had a Sub mucous Palate that was repaired in January of this year. He is delayed in speech and has Asthma. Asthma is controlled by steroids and treatments. He gets short of breath constantly. He was an over weight child for the first 3 years. He’s at an average weight now but a little short. Fabiel, has had 4 surgery’s and 7 hospitalization’s. The first year of his life was the WORST. But over all he is doing very good. He’s an adorable loving child that is very friendly and very helpful. I am proud of him and all he has over come. He has made me a better and STRONGER person. I even learned to be patient and thats a big WOW for me lol. I thank God that he gave me 3 special kids.. I am blessed to have them!!

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