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We found out about Elizabeth having 22q when she was 8 months old. She was admitted to Childrens Hospital for failure to thrive. When she was six weeks old she has her first surgery to repair her semi-imperforate anus. She was chronically constipated and the doctors kept changing her formula, which wasn’t working and finally led to her being hospitalized. They did a multitude of tests, found she had an ASD which led to the diagnosis after a FISH test. She had speech and OT services through teis until she was three. She had many ear infections and putting tubes in didn’t seem to help at first but she is four now and hasn’t had an ear infection in about six months which is a record! After hearing stories from other families in the VCFS communities, we realize how fortunate we have been. It seems as though Elizabeth has had very few serious issues. Her speech is progressing well, she was just evaluated and it doesn’t look like she will need the flap surgery. We are waiting until she gains a bit more weight to fix her heart. She is very smart and funny and is the light of my life! I guess my advice is to take things as they come, no two cases are the same with this condition. Dont stress on what could happen. Live in today and enjoy these wonderful, bright children. There are great resources out there and more and more communities like this. Thanks to the Dempsters for helping to raise awareness for this cause!

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