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Dominic is my fourth of five children. He was born full term and didn’t seem to have any problems. The first time I noticed something was not right was when I fed him. As he was drinking his bottle the milk was coming out of his nose. The nurses assured me this was normal but I didn’t think so. He came home with me and every time he ate he would now also vomit which came out of his nose too. This went on for probably three months and then he stopped gaining weight. That’s when they sent us to the ENT which ordered a swallowing test. They saw he was aspirating while he drank and they in turn sent us to multiple specialists to see what was going on. He was sick a lot and very small for his age. He also did not hit the normal milestones like rolling and sitting up and he never babbled. Its been a long road of doctors and therapists that we still currently have to see. But in the end he does not have any major heart defects. He has had surgery for a hernia and tubes in his ears and he is still facing the sub mucous cleft repair surgery. But he is a vibrant loving child that I wouldn’t change for the world.

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