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Craig was born in September of 2008 after a relatively normal pregnancy. We knew he had hydronephrosis but that was all. I knew from the moment I met Craig that there was something wrong but was assured he was a healthy baby boy. He failed to gain weight and quit eating after one month of age. I fought and fought to get diagnostic testing done and he was diagnosed with 22Q in February of 2009. He had a G-tube and Niessen placed at that time. He has Physical Therapy, Speech Therapy, and Occupational Therapy weekly for two hours each. He also has a nutritionist that comes every two weeks. His major challenges are with eating, swallowing, and vommitting, however he also has low tone, an enlarged kidney and uretur, unexplained fevers, severe constipation, speech delay, high white blood cell counts, RAD and small features.

Above all of his anomolies, he is the greatest blessing to all who are a part of his life. He is the sweetest baby (I am partial but others would say the same) with the happiest demeanor. His father, older twin brothers, and I are very very proud of him!

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