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Connor Philip Bourg was born November 1, 2010 via scheduled C-section. There were little things along the way that just didn’t seem right, but none of these were disturbing enough to warrant further testing. At 16 months Connor still wasn’t walking or talking so we began the process of having him evaluated through Early Intervention Services. At 18 months he had his first of 2 seizures and thus began the process of testing. He had an EEG & MRI that determined he did not have Epilepsy, but showed his right hemisphere is smaller than the left as well as some Pachygyria on that side. We were devastated by that diagnosis because we didn’t know why it occurred nor was the prognosis very promising. After we saw genetics, we were put as ease that Connor’s case was very mild, even before the testing was done. On August 23, 2012, we were told that Connor has 22q11.2 Deletion Syndrome as well as an Atrial Septal Heart Defect. I have to say that, as his mother, I was very relieved. We have a lot of challenges to face with him through the years, but at this point they don’t seem like anything we can’t handle. Connor is definitely all boy, full life.

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