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When I was pregnant with Cody, everything was completely normal and all ultrasounds showed a healthy baby boy. My labor was quick and easy and my little superman arrived just moments before the kickoff for the Super Bowl.  When he was born, he had a very hoarse sounding cry and a heart murmur.  After losing 12% of his birth weight in two days, we were transferred to Boston Children's Hospital for evaluation.  Cody was then seen by what seemed like 100 doctors and we found out he had a VSD that would likely need surgery.  He had an NG tube put in to help him gain weight but after 10 days of being there, we were sent home with him eating orally.  At two months, Cody had a swallow study that showed aspiration.  He was admitted and an NG tube was replaced.  A day after his two-month birthday, we got his genetic
results back that showed he had 22Q.

Since then, Cody has had a mic-key button placed and has been following up with all specialists.  He is now able to take honey-thick formula and some food by spoon.  He is a little behind developmentally, but overall he is doing well.  We see early intervention each week and we are so fortunate to be so close to Boston to see such great doctors. He still has not had heart surgery, they are still watching him and seeing how he does over time.  We have met some amazing families and are very happy to have met Ryan Dempster! We are very lucky to have such a strong little boy who is doing so well.

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